An Introduction to Human Centric Lighting

Human Centric Lighting

Human Centric Lighting (HCL) can adjust people’s daily rhythms and improve their motivation, well-being and productivity. The science behind this concept is fairly direct – creating lighting solutions that bear an impact on the mood, productivity and enhance the user’s experience of the space. But how? With new lighting system, companies can set the lighting […]

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Smart Cities and CRE: Vestian Leads the Discussion

How will smart cities and smart buildings impact commercial real estate? Vestian brought together government and transit leaders, corporate real estate end users, top legal minds, and industry veterans with Smart Cities experts Melanie Nutter and Brenna Berman to discuss this exciting and evolving topic. Melanie opened the discussion by describing the potential environmental benefits of […]

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Cybersecurity in CRE

With technology becoming more accessible and old buildings giving way to smart buildings, the risks associated with data security have also grown exponentially. Buildings have become more vulnerable to cyber threats, putting all stakeholders at risk. Security has become of paramount importance, and can no longer be relegated to the back burner/ an afterthought. Understanding […]

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3d mapping

3D mapping technology is a new vision and solution for the real estate industry. Imagine walking through the built environment to an unlimited level of detail, from visualizing the interiors with varying arrangements of furniture to changing the colors painted on the walls. This technology has the power to transform a design into a vivid […]

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Key Strategies To Consider During a Corporate Relocation

During a life cycle of a business, it may undergo multiple phases of expansion, consolidation, and contraction. The need for relocation can occur at any point of time; and can be stressful and a drain on resources if not handled properly. Here are few points to keep in mind before getting started: Proper Planning Relocation requires careful planning due to the significant impact […]

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Zero Net Energy – The Future of Buildings

Used interchangeably, zero net energy or net zero energy building, meets its annual energy consumption through production of an equal amount of renewable energy on-site, thereby reducing the use of non-renewable energy resources. Zero net energy buildings contribute significantly lesser greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. That being the case, many residential and commercial buildings are […]

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